Therapy - and coaching sessions

Kasha offers individual sessions of therapy and coaching and has over 25 years experience with individual clients.

She has a psycho-spiritual approach to personal development and she is based on elements of Essential Touch, 'Now' awareness and Mindfulness as a natural part of therapy and coaching many facets and expressions.

Kasha has, through her clarifying and gentle approach, an ability to provide a contact-filled space. Her acceptance and inclusiveness makes people relax and makes it possible for the individual to find the strength and gentleness it takes, to look at the difficult themes in one's life.

In the meeting with Kasha there is created a presence; which causes people to sink deeper into themselves and discover that what you are, - is so much deeper than the mind and the emotions constant changeability.


Therapy or coaching

In the short, one can say that coaching is primarily focused on your current life and to create future results. In a session you work with settling some achievable and realistic goals, clarifying and finding the resources needed to be able to create the change you want.

In therapy, on the other hand, there is achieved insights about the roles and patterns that still have an inappropriate influence on your life. Here, we deal with your past and the wounds of the soul, you may have gotten through your childhood and adolescence that continues to influence your sense of self and your life as an adult.

The themes can vary and many seek therapy for support to contain and process emotions such as: loss, lack of self-confidence and self-esteem. Or anxiety, loneliness, sadness, emptiness, crises, hopelessness, internal or external conflicts.


Couples Therapy

Many people also choose to strengthen their relationship through couples therapy, where it is possible to clarify the issues that may be in the relationship in an open and honest way in which both parties can gain insight and understanding of each other's reactions and ways of being.


How long time

To take therapy or coaching can be a short or long-term process. Sometimes the solution is visible right there and a single or a few sessions are enough for you to get on with your life.

If on the other hand you want to go into depth with some of the themes of life, then you should at least expect to investigate it in 3-10 sessions.


Coaching starts for many as a deep inner longing

Many people choose to continue their development over time to go in depth with some of the themes; they might have had throughout life. By getting help to free themselves from the limitations of the personality, they experience that they feel better about themselves, find it easier to achieve their goals and can see the changes manifesting positively in their everyday lives.

The deepest and lasting changees happens when you via coaching, therapy and self-development achieve access to a deeper contact with your inherent qualities.

Thereby you have the possibility to discover a deeper form of Being which is always available and where one's essence qualities and resources are naturally present as inner peace, clarity, joy, vigor, presence and empathy.


Skype: Personal Coaching and Therapeutic conversation

If you live far away, are traveling or maybe just not have time to attend to a personal coaching or therapeutic conversation, it may be a good alternative to make it over the phone or Skype.

It is an option that is being used more and more and I have good experience with Skype and phone sessions, both as a longer course or as individual sessions.

In some situations, it may be fine to combine it with one or more personal meetings.



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