Energy, happiness and balance

This coaching is a possibility created for you who are starting or having prolonged stress symptoms and who want to be able to get your everyday life back on track. It is best to start a course before your stress symptoms become too severe, but you can also start after a sick leave and be helped back to work. Stress Coaching can be used both preventive and curative.

Most participants experience to have been strengthened more clarified and become aware after a stress-coaching course. They feel that they do not just come back on track, but also have undergone a positive development in the processes the insights and techniques they have integrated into their daily lives. That their self-confidence, energy and ability to regulate themselves and their happiness, has grown considerably.


Contents of the coaching

There are many causes and symptoms for stress. Based on your specific symptoms, we will clarify the length of your course and what benefits you best. A typical process is of 5-10 sessions over 2-4 months. The first sessions will mainly be about guidance and counseling.

You get help to balance your own nervous system, thereby reducing the stress or overload, sitting in the body. Together, we will look at your values and priorities and the situations that trigger, or the reason why you have symptoms of stress.

On this basis, we can work to find new and better ways to meet the challenges you face. Whether it's job, the family or the economy or maybe your own requirements and expectations for yourself - e.g. the feeling that you always have to be the strong, stay ahead or that the needs of others are more important than yours. Or whether you have lost the balance between work, family and leisure.


Stronger physical, emotional and mental balance

On the course you learn to understand what stress does to you and your nervous system and how you can manage your stress symptoms, so they do not steer you in an inappropriate way. You will also gain insight into the causes and patterns of behavior that contribute to loss of balance. This can be both external and internal stress.

In order to help and support you best, you will get the tools to restore your balance physically, emotionally and mentally and learn how you can prevent stress going forward.


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