SE-Somatic Experiencing®

Chock-trauma - and stress relieving therapy


The SE-Somatic Experiencing® method was developed by Peter A. Levine Ph. D, psychologist and bio physiologist, USA, who is the world's leading specialist in its field. He studied how stressors and anxiety, shock and trauma remains in the body for later to emerge in the form of physical and psychological symptoms or stress and imbalances in the nervous system. His theories and practical experience are now supported by the latest research.

Peter Levine discovered after many years of study, how the SE® method can balance the stress and imbalances in the nervous system in a gentle, effective and safe way.

SE® support in the best way, all therapy- meditation- and coaching forms and activates the body's inherent and healing resources. It restored a balance in the nervous system and the stress responses dissolves and is released.


Kasha is a member of SE® Association in Denmark.


Being able to be present in presence

The primary in all self-development is that we learn to relax and become present in ourselves before we can make the changes we want. And this knowledge is quite basic.

Kasha experiences a lot of people who are so puzzled or upset that they can not control or regulate their reactions. They often react in ways that are neither rational nor desirable.


Losing control and balance

Once we have overloaded our nervous system, the body's alertness increases and one gets ready for fight or flight. We often over stimulate or stress ourselves and express it like, "I was completely beside myself" and that describes precisely a person's nervous system that have come out of balance.

In this condition, we cannot land in the body. We can not breathe freely, think or act clearly, focus or take the right decisions and often we react inappropriately even in minor situations.

When we have lost the balance, we are not able to regulate our own condition, and we do often not understand what is happening. We get the feeling of losing control or being overwhelmed by our reactions, which may be completely out of proportion.


To free oneself

SE terapi® is a natural, safe and effective way to find back to oneself. In the process it will be possible both to raise awareness and release the conditions of the nervous system that causes you to overreact or to lose your balance.

Once you have relaxed the nervous system, you can gradually learn to regulate youself, so you can stay in touch with your inner calm, clarity and centeredness.


All-important to rest in one self

When we, through a balanced nervous system, regain our balance and overall sense of body and mind, we can better cope with the constant challenges of life that meets us every single day.

Our nervous system is crucial to our ability both to accommodate ourselves, feel joy, satisfaction and empathy as well as all-crucial for the resting in being-ness.

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