Essential Touch® massage 

The vibrant and resourceful presence in the body


Receiving massage and touch, which is given with attention, presence and in a safe environment, makes us relax and give in. It causes us to let go of perhaps many months tensions and bustle, for then we rise again with comprehensive and renewed energy. 

"As when the storm has whipped waves to rough seas
and they suddenly settles and becomes clear and calm waters.
Forcefulness is still there, but can now be used
targeted, focused and precise
from personal clarity and centeredness. "

Essential Touch® massage is a gentle, thorough and caring massage and touch form which gives greater body awareness and self-knowledge. The massage or body therapy are mostly without words and always start with an introductory and clarifying conversation, so that the massage can be focused directly on the areas that need it.

In Essential Touch® massage we get access to the qualities and resources, we are naturally in contact with when we are present and rests in ourselves. The response after the massage is apparent both in terms of physical and mental energy and relaxation, where symptoms and pain is alleviated and sometimes completely disappear. Larger sensuality, wellbeing, clarity and a deep sense of peacefulness.

Besides being a great tool for relaxation, well-being, stress and pain treatment Essential Touch® massage is also a beautiful and valuable tool for healing and self-development.


Stress and thought-tyranny

Stress, thought-tyranny and painful emotions stays in the body as tensions and you do not have any kind of energetic or nourishing contact with yourself.

With time arises a permanent state of tension in the body, which prevents us from experiencing our naturalness and strength, and the joy of just being.


Inner stability and self-esteem

Essential Touch® massage or healing massage releases and unleashes the tense and blocked body areas and gives the recipient the opportunity to experience how the resource- and energy-filled areas of the body and mind are expanded and filled with a stable and vibrant presence.

The body's inherent resources are numerous. When the body is free of physical and mental tension, stress or anxiety, it is possible to access one's strength, decisiveness, self-esteem and the ability to set boundaries and reach out to one's surroundings. Opening the  heart while being rooted in ones own inner peace and clarity.

Essential Touch® massage is much more than a regular physical massage.

It is based on the relationships that exist between mind and body and takes account of the energy flows in the body, acupuncture- and energy-points, the chakras and the various mental, emotional and spiritual layers that exist in the body's aura.

Many of the techniques, including chakra balancing and Joint Release (joint-relieving massage) can easily be done without removing any clothes, as there will not necessarily be applied oil or the like.


Joint Release - Effective and miraculously quick

Joint Release, which is also a natural part of the Essential Touch® massage is a technique where one works with gentle and light movements of the joints that harmonize body and nervous at the same time.

It is a technique which is also used, inter alia, Body SDS and Trager-massage, but in Essential Touch® the Joint Release is done in a gentler and more integral way, so the recipient will be able to see themselves from a deeper and truer place.

Thus, one can experience the inherent being-ness of body and soul, and the impact of this form of massage is both effective and miraculous quick as it is possible to open and liberate places where ordinary massage or other body work normally can not reach.


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