Essence Work

Change - Transformation


Essence Work is a good choice if you are:

  • Longing for freedom and a greater understanding of yourself?
  • Wanting to drop your ego limited performances?
  • Frequently expressing the opposite of what you basically want?
  • Longing to strengthen your contact with your inner core and the meeting of Being dimension, which is immutable and not subject or generated by something external, but you can rest in any circumstances.


To meet yourself directly

In Essence Work, we start with your current life situation and the themes or issues you want to get clarification about. We uncover at a gently pace the layers of protection and defense mechanisms you have built around your essence and which prevents you meet yourself directly.

Essence work allows you to distinguish between your true and conditional “I” and is a kind of door opener to a consciousness that makes it possible for you to meet yourself and others from a deeper dimension of Being.

We work neither with past or future as such, but uses it as a starting point and from here we focus on being able to accommodate, sense and be present with what is happening in the present. Meditative and bodily sensations are included in order to get there, "be near" – be near to yourself.


Inner fullness and meaningfulness

When you are guided and meet the one you are with acceptance and presence, these defense and protection layers can be released. A sense of inner fullness, joy and meaningfulness can replace these layers, where before there was perhaps a feeling of emptiness, loneliness, inferiority or meaninglessness.

You will have the opportunity to experience a beingness- space, which is always present and available behind all experiences, thoughts and feelings, positive and negative. A presence which is based in itself and thus always available regardless of our conditions of life and the situations we find ourselves in. A dimension of being-ness, which is always present as a living watchful presence.


To wake up to something larger

The more times you find that you have this presence, the more you can rest in it and start to express yourself here.

Some call it waking up to something larger, or a higher spiritual dimension. A place that is unchanging and always present, and a dimension that exists in all of us, and most of us long for.


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