Inner Release

To heal your inner child

To live out our own depth and openness of heart, is giving us the opportunity to meet each other and ourselves in the full presence from a more resourceful, and true place.

Kasha is one of the most experienced teachers / therapists in Denmark, who work with the "Inner child" healing power.

In a gentle and safe atmosphere, Kasha works with release and liberation of the wounds on the soul, that we have received through our upbringing. When we thus set ourselves free, the contact to our essence qualities and who we basically are gets reestablished.


Deeper understanding and accept

To say yes to work with Inner liberation and Inner Child process is appositive choice, for all who seek a deeper understanding of themselves.

Accepting all aspects of ourselves and make room for the one we truly are, is both a powerful and loving process of liberation.

Inner child therapy is about raising awareness of how experiences and events from our past often reflects into our current perception of ourselves, our relationships and the ways we act in the world.

Our well-known or "old-familiar" self, i.e. our habits, roles and patterns that unwittingly has become our identity is based on past stories. An identity, which often takes over the control and is instrumental in, that we react inappropriately in our lives and in our relationships.


To be seen and heard

When we can meet and accommodate the sides of ourselves that may never quite have been seen, heard, met or loved, there arises a natural form of acceptance, joy and inner peace.

By becoming aware of what prevents and what unleashes one's naturalness and vitality, it will again be possible to meet ourselves and the world more open, genuine and resourceful.

When we notice how we have overlooked the inner child and begins to take loving care of it, the healing begins and thus a deeper understanding and acceptance of ourselves. We begin to relate to ourselves in a new way, and we express ourselves, our feelings, needs and creativity more freely and spontaneously.


Are you controlled by the old roles and patterns

Do you find that you are guided by the old roles and patterns of unconscious aspects of yourself and that you react inappropriately and in ways you basically do not want?

Then "Inner Child process" can be of great support and help so that you can recognize what has taken control of your life and at the same time heal and liberate the limiting and inappropriate patterns and beliefs, so they no longer control you.


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