About Kasha

Kasha is known for her psycho-spiritual approach to therapy, self-development and meditation.

She has more than 25 years of experience as a teacher, psychotherapist and coach in personal and spiritual development. She has a very comprehensive and versatile educational background, she has managed to further develop and integrate into her current work, which she calls Essential Touch® and the Now's consciousness.

Kasha is good at meeting people. She has a special ability to create a space of intimacy and trust that supports that you quickly and simply tune in to the essense of what it is you want to focus on.

She manages to guide people into a deeper contact and acceptance of themselves and to find the strength and gentleness, there is needed to be able to meet the sometimes difficult things in one's life, with renewed insight and clarity.

She is a member of the Danish Psychotherapy Association, 

Course- and training-activities

Kasha started her training activities, Center-Oasen in 1987 and has since provided training, education and individual courses in:

Essential Touch®, Essen Work Now's consciousness, Mindfulness, Meditation, NLP, Coaching, Stress, Pykoterapi, SE Somatic Experiencing®, Inner Child (healing of painful and disproportionate patterns), Healing massage & Essential Touch® massage.


Spiritual background

Kasha's spiritual background is primarily shaped by her longtime inspiration and direct meeting with the Indian mystic Osho. The last 18 years she has participated in the training by the spiritual teacher A. H. Almaas if psycho-spiritual work, known as the "Diamond Approach" (Essens Work), which also has had great influence on her current work.

Over the years she also has been greatly inspired by her direct meetings with spiritual teachers which include: John de Ruiter, Moojii, Adyashanti, Eckhardt Tolle and Gangaji.


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