Mindfulness – in everyday life

Watchful and living presence

The core of Mindfulness is about being present and fully aware in the moment - and not lose ourselves and be distracted by all the thoughts, feelings and endless chores that constantly pops up in our minds.

We live in a very demanding and stressful time when the tempo is high with many changes and much changing. We are kept online all the time, and therefore we need to stop and resume contact with the place in us that is already at peace, watchful and full of energy.


Greater stability and solid foundation

When we practice mindfulness and meditation, we develop greater awareness and stability and we are present in what we do. We find it easier to concentrate on various chores and tasks and can stand more firmly - even in stressful situations. We are generally not as sensitive and easy to knock down emotionally and are more present in the contacts and meetings we have during the day.

When we become more at ease being present, we also take the right decisions and breaks away from the automatic and inappropriate thought and reaction patterns.

Many see this as a kind of state of being or a feeling of "being in the flow". As a kind of contemplation or silence, where one's senses are sharpened and where one can be busy without stressing oneself.

A space where you feel both relaxed and alert at once.


Mindfulness has a healing, stabilizing and balancing effect physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


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