Introductory course in Mindfulness

Mindfulness is on everyone's lips these days but what does the concept really mean?

You are welcome to join in this introductory course, where you will learn more about what mindfulness and mindfulness meditation is, and why it works. You will experience the techniques on your own body and you will be able to make your own training plan, so you will have proof of what Mindfulness can do for you.

Everyone is welcome, it requires no special qualifications of the participants.


Benefits for you:

  • Understanding what Mindfulness and Mindfulness meditation is, and why it works
  • Inner balance, well-being and greater physical and mental energy
  • Increased efficiency and focusing ability
  • Better concentration, for example, better tackling disturbances and interruptions in relation to jobs at hand
  • Peace and overview of daily life - and less stress


The form:

The teaching is combining theory, lots of practical exercises and meditations and collection of the experiences in the group.

The course is built up over 5 meetings / weeks and the time in between is used to integrate the techniques into everyday life.



What is Mindfulness? What principles is it based on? And how does it work? Try out the different Mindfulness meditations and enhance your motivation. Make a plan for your own meditation practice.

Along the way, we look at your experience with having a meditation practice. We then work on getting anchored the Mindfulness on a deeper level within you.


Practical information:

Bring practical outdoor footwear and clothes for the season.

Remember to notify your surroundings that you can not answer calls or text messages during the course.



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