Essence and presence

Immersion into the essence


Evening and weekend courses in Essence and Presence 

This process is aimed at both new and previously participants and is an opening for you, who want to gain self-knowledge, inspiration and opportunity to immerse yourself in the many qualities of essence and prescense. It is for you who long to be able to remain in an open presence in the middle of everyday activities and challenges.

The themes will vary from time to time and yet there is a common denominator that runs through on both the evenings and the weekend courses. Namely, for you to re-establish contact with your being, your essence and true nature, to experience an inner sense of value, love and significance.


Self-awareness and transformation

By establishing contact with the many qualities of essence, and gain insight into how we have lost the full contact with these, and instead have constructed our personality around loss and separation from essence, our true nature qualities again have the opportunity to be liberated and integrated.

We will open the doors to the heart's many qualities of being, through meditation, talks and inquiry (self-examination) so you can learn to rest more in yourself and live in touch with your own depth and integrity.


Conceptions and worries

We have many Conceptions, ideas and worrisome thoughts that prevent us from keeping in touch with our essence qualities. But the more sustained contact you get with your presence, the easier it will be to liberate you from the constraints of the past and influence.

Integrating your essence qualities make the work on self-development much more profound and meaningful.


Mechanisms that takes you away

Many of us lose again and again the connection with ourselves. We get lost in old roles and patterns that rarely gives us what we secretly yearn for.

Therefore, we will focus on certain essence qualities, while raising our awareness of the mechanisms, which lures us away from ourselves and the qualities, that are the focus of that specific evening or weekend course.


Loving and powerful intelligence

When we work with ourselves, our personality softens gradually, and we get more confidence in the place in us, that is not missing something, that does not need a quick fix or improvment.

You discover that your essence is not subject to or generated by something external. It is a state of being, which is always present as a living and watchful presence.

We always have yearned for the essence, be it conscious or unconscious.

We may never find our state of being, our core, outside ourselves but only by turning your attention inward, we get access to the infinite beauty, verve and loving intelligence that exists in all of us, right here and now.


All are welcome, and will be able to derive significant benefit from evenings and weekends.



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