Whiplash and other accidents

Do you still have symptoms and lasting injury
 - after a traffic accident or other accident?


If you have many symptoms such as physical pain, unfounded anxiety, stress or emotional imbalance, it may be a pent-up trauma after a traffic accident or other accidents that still affect you in your daily life.

After any overwhelming event, such as traffic accidents, trauma or other accidents, we automatically get in a state of shock and survival mode, which want to protect us from physical and mental pain.

Normally, this condition of shock and survival reaction will disappear relatively quickly and we will return to our common condition / dayly awareness and can continue our lives and do as we usually do without any kind of injury.

Unfortunately, this will not always be the case, and many people develop both physical and mental symptoms, which do not immediately seem to be related to the accident and, therefore, are not widely understood.


To be defined as hypochondriacally or hysterical

Many doctors and other professionals do not understand that the many changing symptoms can be related back to the nervous system's healthy survival reactions during the actual accident, and you may easily be marked as hypochondriacally, hysteric or worse. And when our legal system and insurance companies do not understand the connection between the accident and the many symptoms, then, one can easily feel confused, helpless or shameful.


My own painful experience

I know how painful it is not to be taken seriously by various doctors and neurologists when I described the many symptoms following my car crash, which happened 5 years ago.

It was questioned whether the symptoms that I experienced and described, had anything to do with the accident, and it was both shameful and depressing for me not to be believed when I very well knew that it was nothing I imagined and that I did not have these symptoms until  after the accident.


Sleep disorders and dizziness

I experienced that I was out of contact with life after the car crash. That I could no longer do my work and ordinary everyday things. That I became dizzy, tears came easy and I experienced emotional imbalance without apparent reason. My nervous system became "torn" and became anxious or upset by the smallest things. I could no longer focus and concentrate, got sleep disturbances, became sound- and light-sensitive and had constant back pain and headaches to name just a few of the many changing symptoms. That was truly hell!


Other symptoms

Other people may experience symptoms such as anxiety, guilt, depression, vicious outbursts, digestive distress, pain that constantly moves around in the body, reduced sex drive and a persistent and unreal feeling of restlessness and stress, and feeling "constantly alert" and thereby unable to relax and find the necessary peace and rest, which is necessary for a well-functioning and optimal life.


Abandoned by “the system”

I have had many clients who have been abandoned by “the system” and have just been told that they have to learn to live with various symptoms and persistent pain or they have been offered long term medical treatment.

My experience, as a highly trained SE-therapist, is however that it is possible completely or partially to get rid of the painful physical or emotional consequential symptoms following an accident or other forms of shock or trauma.

SE therapy works with the nervous system and releases the excess energy that accumulates in the body at any violent event and which causes the many symptoms and pain. Using Peter A. Levines Chock- and traumatherapy, SE-Somatic Experiencing, it is possible in a gentle, but effective way to relieve and release the body of the energy of survival, which causes the many physical as mental symptoms - even many years after an accident.

I tried myself many forms of both traditional and more alternative forms of treatment, and also got some help and relief along the way. But it was first when I got treatments with SE-Trauma Healing, specially designed to work with relieving trauma and stress, that I got the shock and trauma processed, that were still encapsulated in my body, that I experienced the healing really began to happen.


SE-therapy reduces you period of illness

My experience is that if you combine other forms of treatment with SE-Trauma-Healing, then you will shorten your period of illness or its symptoms, significantly and much faster finding relief while increasing your experience of balance and well-being.

Often stress-like conditions and old accidents or trauma are reactivated by a current accident and therefore it is important to get the trauma released. It must be done in a gentle and calm manner, so that you do not re-activate the trauma and thereby aggravate one's situation, but rather make you experience that you are becoming more resourceful, resilient and again capable of coping with a challenging everyday life.


Good odds for becoming well again with SE-Therapy.

I frequently hear that many people with whiplash, concussion and other ailments after traffic or other accidents have had chronic and unexplained pain and symptoms that limit and diminish their quality of life. I also meet people who will not give up hope and persistently are looking for other kinds of treatment, and then unfortunately, experience that the pain and symptoms do not disappear, even after many treatments.

I know, from both my own experience with the accident and the related whiplash, as well as from my experiences with clients who have either become completely healed or have relieved their pain to a significant extent, that SE therapy may help to shorten the period of illness relating to an accident or trauma.

I have helped many with whiplash, concussions, insomnia, etc. after accidents or other traumatic experiences and I hope this article can give you hope and help you find direction, recognition  and release from your symptoms.

I wish for you to know, that you are not alone and that with SE-Somatic Experiencing there are great opportunities for relief and healing that can help you get better and get you back to balance and wellbeing. 








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