The Now's Consciousness

In the Now's consciousness you rests naturally in yourself and discovers that in the heart and in one's inherent nature there is no kind of deficiency.

When we see this aspect of our being, then the mind calm down all by itself and we are touched deeply and unceasing by something deeper, fuller and fortifying, which gradually dissolves the limitations of the mind.


To feel insecure or angry

We all know the feeling of being deeply unsafe, vulnerable, angry, stressed or the feeling of losing the contact with our inner peace and centering.

We often try to fix these challenging emotions, takes up a defensive position or even deny their existence. If we choose to stop and allow the emotions to be met, they can be "doorways" into a deeper acceptance and being.

When we meet ourselves with acceptance, a deeper layer of the heart and mind begins to open. From this state of being-ness everything is met without criticism or the judgment that something is right or wrong.


To experience that which is already free

To experience that this presence is not dependent on any specific condition and that it is always available, living and unchanging, makes it possible to experience what is already free and at peace.

This experience has a great influence on our way of thinking and being in the world and the way we relate and act on. And it's so much easier to navigate in life when you have contact with what is true for oneself.



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