Essential Touch®


Being able to relax and discover something deeper and sincerely beautiful in ourselves is deeply touching and transformational. The more we discover that we are not our stories and beliefs, the more we open ourselves to the light of consciousness and meet our soul's inherent qualities.

It requires courage of heart and strength, to show our vulnerability and sensitivity rather than to maintain a facade, which essentially separates us from ourselves and our deeper state of being.

Feelings of emptiness, meaninglessness or imperfection is unbearable for most of us and we have many strategies to avoid noticing them.


Our inherent nature

Essential Touch® is about meeting The Essence, the real in ourselves. The original which is not contingent upon or produced by something external. It is our initial intrinsic nature. The presence which can have many forms and grades within.

A being-ness that we all experience in flashes, but most often without realizing that this is who we really are.

Essential Touch® is a spiritual journey - a process in which the personality gradually releases its grip while allowing the essence to come forward.

To integrate the work of the essence, that which is true, that which describes the real, the genuine in us, transforms our lives and enables us to realize our full potential.


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